The Art of Alchemy

The Step-by-step practical guide to Inner Alchemy & the Philosopher’s Stone.

From the dawn of humanity to the modern age, alchemy has always been a subject of great curiosity. Its mere mention brings old tales of wiseman working in smoke-filled alchemical laboratories trying to transform metals into gold whilst creating elixirs that immortalized the body.

While this mythical picture is still prevalent today, the alchemical teachings and practices found in this volume are not about creating medicines or heating toxic materials in brick furnaces to create bizarre compounds but about using our body and mind as the alchemical laboratory.

This book is centered on practices and procedures of Inner Alchemy, and it aims to shed new light on this ancient tradition, revealing its power to deeply transmute our body, energy, mind, and soul.

Although it may appear to be an arcane discipline filled with cryptic and often unintelligible language, alchemy holds a powerful treasure once its lexicon and teachings are decoded. The secret to creating the real Philosopher’s Stone and achieving true immortality is now at your disposal.

The alchemical practices are divided into primary and secondary phases, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Laboratory & Symbology

2. Physical Alchemy

3. Energetic Alchemy & Mystic Energy

4. Mental Alchemy & Purification

5. Alchemical Bonfire & the Secret Fire

6. Alchemy of the Psyche

7. The Conjunction of Sulfur & Mercury

8. Inner Furnace

9. Spiritual Alchemy & Divine Transmutation

10. Distillation of Liquid Light

11. World Laboratorium

12. Metaphysical Coagulation

13. The Philosopher’s Stone

14. Alchemical Dragon

15. Magnum Opus, The Great Work

We sincerely hope the reader enjoys this work and that it may serve as the inspirational lodestar towards the much-coveted Philosopher’s Stone.