The Art of Mysticism

The Step-by-step practical guide to Mysticism & Spiritual Meditations

From the beginning of time, curiosity has led mankind to question their surroundings. In the search to understand life, the universe, the psyche, consciousness, and God, humans were also inevitably led to question themselves and their own existence. 

In seeking to respond to those perennial enigmas and find freedom from sorrow to pursue lasting happiness, some rare humans encountered a deep source of wisdom, realizing that there was something besides their mere five senses. Humans thus began their journey in search of the sacred mystical wisdom and realization to unveil what lies beyond.

This is a book centered on mystical practices that make such a discovery possible. Here the reader will find detailed mystical practices and meditations that will assist in establishing a suitable mystical routine, from the basic setup to the most advanced practice by which a student can accomplish this ultimate godly realization. The physical embodiment of the divine is also relevant, and that will be addressed.

The mystical practices are divided into primary and secondary phases which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Attention and Awareness
  2. The Mystic Breath
  3. Bodily Illumination
  4. The Art of Relaxation
  5. Breathing Techniques
  6. Vital Force
  7. Creating and charging Mystical Amulets
  8. Sacred Syllables and Mantras
  9. Energy Centers and Chakras
  10. Awakening the Inner Vision
  11. Out-of-Body Exploration
  12. Impregnation of meals
  13. Mystical Bath
  14. Subtle Noticing
  15. Divine Absorption

We sincerely hope the reader enjoys this work and that it may serve as the fertile ground from which the divine tree of mystic wisdom can grow back towards its perennial source.

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